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Nintendo Mobile Games Will Be Free To Play: Launch Date And Title Revealed

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If you are worried that some of Nintendo?s upcoming mobile games will have a retail price, well good news because their forthcoming games will be free-to-play.

Both Nintendo and DeNA both previously revealed their partnership in bringing some of Nintendo?s IPs into mobile games, with Nintendo?s first mobile game revealed to be the Miitomo, which more of a social interacting game. Some fans are wondering what other plans Nintendo will have for the mobile gaming scene.

A reporter from Wall Street Journal was at a DeNA press conference and shared the plans for their upcoming games and apps. It has been revealed that their new mobile games will be free-to-play, there were only for the mobile games that will release between end of 2015 and March 2017, it is still unsure if future games beyond March 2017 will also be free-to-play.


However one thing worth watching out for the upcoming mobile games is the monetization of the apps and games. The monetization model will be based on user expectation and gameplay, this means that Nintendo and DeNA are making sure that the players will be given extra care as in-app purchases will feel fair for them instead of being mandatory for some features, as some mobile games are doing in the market.


Also do take note that the first Nintendo mobile game Miitomo would not be available until March 2016, so it will take us a few month until we get to see what kind of monetization model Nintendo will be providing to their users. As of now, only the Miitomo was revealed to be Nintendo?s mobile game, the previously announced Pokemon Go will be handled by the Pokemon Company, which is partly owned by Nintendo, though Pokemon Go was not counted as part of Nintendo?s mobile game line-up.

What other mobile games do you think Nintendo will launch in the future? Do share us your opinions on our comment section.


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