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Nintendo Mobile Game Miitomo Launched: All You Need To Know

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Nintendo has finally unveiled their first mobile game, and we’ve got all the details for you.

During the recent press conference, the Japanese gaming giant has finally revealed their very first mobile game, which was a partnership with DeNa; a smartphone gaming company. It has been announced earlier this year that Nintendo will be partnering with DeNa in hopes of releasing mobile games with Nintendo characters such as Mario, Link and Donkey Kong, though Nintendo is still being secretive on what games they will be preparing for the mobile game market.

Their very fist mobile game, called the Miitomo, is a free-to-play app that allows players to create their own Mii; the same approach with the 3DS and Wii U. Similar with their recent game Tomodachi Life, the app will let players use their created Miis to socialize with other Miis online. It may not be a breathtaking game but the plus side is that Nintendo is finally joining the mobile game scene. Miitomo will be available at the end of the year.


Aside from the Miitomo, Nintendo has already announced that Pokemon Go will be available next year, this game lets players challenge against each other in catching pokemons and battling against other trainers with their smartphones, though it is uncertain if the game will feature augmented reality similar that from the official trailer. Another mobile game was Pokemon Shuffle, which was a free to play 3DS game, it is a puzzle game with micro-transactions and will feature weekly events.

There are few more mobile games that were not revealed yet but they are hinting that these games will be available by March 2016, but Nintendo is optimistic that they can make an impact on the mobile game scene and would release more games in the coming years, and with the upcoming announcement for their Project NX, hopefully it will have support to mobile games as well.

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