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Nintendo Miitomo Release Date And Features: What We Know So Far

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Here are some things about Nintendo?s first official mobile game

If you are excited about the newest Nintendo product that will be heading for smartphones, then you better read this now. Pre-registration is already ongoing and all you have to do is head on to their official website at You can pre-register by signing in to your My Nintendo account. If you have not registered for the new My Nintendo account, you can start registering first at this website. And as a special bonus, those who registered their My Nintendo account before the launch of the Miimoto mobile app will get free Platinum Points for the My Nintendo once Miitomo gets officially launched worldwide. Do take note that the My Nintendo registration is only available to select countries for now, so those who are outside Europe and North America might have trouble accessing the registration link.

Miitomo is a free-to-play social game for mobile that lets users express themselves and interact with their friends in different ways, similar to the style of the Miiverse in other Nintendo consoles. Miitomo lets you use Nintendo Mii characters to interact. You start off by creating your own Mii character by customizing its facial appearance from its face, hairstyle, voice and even its personality, or if you want to make it look more identical to you, you can use your phone camera and take snapshots of yourself and watch as your Mii characters comes to life. Once you have your Mii, you can now connect your Facebook and Twitter account to Miitomo. After connecting, you can start with your Miitomo by answering some questions. Miitomo is all about conversations and discussions that you can share with your friends. You can also earn Miitomo coins, which you can use to purchase costumes for your Mii character. Aside from conversations, you can take photos of your Mii with different poses and then share it on your social network.

Miitomo will be available this March for mobile both Android and iOS.

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