Nintendo Might Reveal New Hardware This Coming E3 2014, Really?

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Nintendo New Hardware?
Nintendo New Hardware?

Dozens of rumors about Nintendo revealing a new hardware on the upcoming E3 2014 has been around for a little while last week. Fortunately and unfortunately, at the same time, Nintendo was quick about popping this rumor?s bubble away.

The rumor started to spread like wildfire when some people apparently posted something about Nintedo filing a patent for a device which has interchangeable controls. The idea, for some reason, sounded legit for some people. Some even believed it without reading about the ?news? and just by looking at the images, which also ?looks? a bit legit. It?s surprising if Nintendo came up with such an idea, as they are the experts in the fields of innovation, so you really can?t blame people who will fall for it.

If this has something to do with their ?Quality of Life? platform, it may be good news, but things just don?t match at all. How will a controller with interchangeable layout affect the quality of life of any person?

Nintendo 3DS is doing way TOO WELL for it to have its immediate replacement. Letting the players modify their control scheme doesn?t seem to appealing, compared to 3DS? features too, so it won?t require rocket science to figure out that this rumored ?hardware? isn?t something that will take 3DS? throne.

Wii U might be taking things a bit slow on the other hand, and the expected lifespan of the console might be reduced to ?unacceptable? numbers (especially for Nintendo fans and owners of the Wii U themselves), and ?it doesn?t necessarily mean that merely replacing the two-year-old console will make things instantly better with Nintendo.

To finally put a stop to the uncalled for buzz, OfficialNintendoMagazine verified the rumor by asking Nintendo UK themselves. The Big N, with a very straightforward manner, answered that they have no plans on revealing any new hardware for the upcoming E3 2014.

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