Nintendo: Joining the Mobile Race is a Necessity

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The shift in games today has undoubtedly gone mobile.

While handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS is still making a killing, there seems to be no stopping the emergence of mobile gaming. There are a lot of games that are MMOs in nature too that seems to be sapping away at the Nintendo 3DS? strength. Not only that; these games appear to be driving developers like Nintendo out of business, making them look into that same exact avenue?mobile games.

We take a look at these articles, which sheds a light into the possible shift of Nintendo games into mobile gaming as well. As per this Ars Technica report, Nintendo is making a shift into developing games catering to the mobile gaming crowd, and it appears like there is already a healthy market for them. The BGR article prefers to take a look at how Nintendo will be handling the transition?will it be learning from past mistakes?

Nintendo?s Foray into the Mobile Market

It was only a matter of time before Nintendo was forced to join the mobile bandwagon.

Mobile gaming being a highly profitable sector, it was only a short time before Nintendo decided to explore that branch, as per the Ars Technica article. With mobile gaming publisher DeNA, Nintendo is hoping to be able to develop some new games for mobile phones. As per Ars Technica, that means no Pokemon or Zelda, unfortunately; however, the emergence of other games should be reason enough for people to be able to keep their expectations up.

Will there be a resurgence of Nintendo in mobile gaming? It?s not like they?ve let up. The Nintendo 3DS is still alive and kicking. Their presence in the mobile gaming industry, however, could key in a renaissance of sorts for the legendary game developer.

Learning from the Past

Nintendo could stand to learn from the past, regarding mobile gaming.

In this BGR article, the rocky start of Sega and Square Enix were discussed. Both companies were vilified for offering games that cost players for a stiff premium, but when they decided to go freemium with in-app purchases, their sales sky-rocketed, as per BGR. Perhaps Nintendo could get a page out of their book and at last make a case for setting off on a strong start.

Who knows how Nintendo will go about making their debut in the mobile gaming industry? It?s not like they?re beginners in the gaming scene. However, mobile gaming is a strange and alien land. Will Nintendo be able to keep up with the more established giants in this new frontier for them?

Nintendo?s Chances

While it?s still questionable as to how Nintendo will turn out to be in the mobile gaming industry, it should be safe to say that they should be able to churn out games that will be sure-fire hits. Nintendo has a lot of years under their belt and this may turn out to be the renaissance that they?ve been waiting for in a very long time.


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