Nintendo Has Just Filed 3 QOL Trademarks

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One of the new projects of giant entertainment company Nintendo is called the ?Quality of Life?. Not too much is known about this initiative, so when the company filed three different new QOL trademarks, some are hypothesizing that it has something to do with the mysterious project.

The first trademark application is supposed to be for “providing games via communication by handheld game apparatus with liquid crystal displays.”

The second one is said to be for “controllers and joysticks for consumer video game apparatus.”

Last, but not the least, is claimed to be “electronic circuits, optical discs, ROM cards, ROM cartridges, CD-ROMs, and memory cards storing programs for consumer video game apparatus.”

A common factor among these trademarks is that all of them appear to be linked with “handheld game apparatus with liquid crystal displays.”

So what are these for?

Unfortunately, the company has not revealed any further information about the matter.

With Satoru Iwata, Nintendo?s President, having outlined its new vision for the “Quality of Life” program last May and not giving any other specific detail about it, rumors are flying left and right about the three QOL trademarks being associated with it.

There was one thing that the president did make clear though. According to him, the Quality of Life initiative will be something so different, that no other Nintendo product bears the same features, characteristics, and qualities.

At the time that he let the public privy to the new program, he said that, “When we use ‘health’ as the keyword, some may inevitably think about Wii Fit. However, we are considering themes that we have not incorporated to games for our existing platforms.? He also pointed out that, “Including the hardware that will enable such an idea, we will aim to establish a blue ocean.”

All these statements make Nintendo?s Quality of Life more mysterious and exciting though. ?

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