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Best Nintendo Gaming Console Deals: Get Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and NES Classic This Christmas

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Nintendo Gaming Console Deals

Gaming is now a big part of anyone?s daily life. Be it PC gaming or console gaming, playing video games just bring out the kid in everyone. That is why this holiday season, gifting some a gaming setup is one way of having a good Christmas. With that in mind, here are some of the best Nintendo gaming console deals this holiday season.

Nintendo Wii U

Although this console may soon face obsolescence, the Wii U is always fun to have. Playing Mario Cart anywhere one wants is sure to bring joy and nostalgia to kids and adults alike. That is why for this Christmas season only, the famous portable console is bundled with Mario Cart 8.

Anyone wanting the console bundle can head to Best Buy for the best online deal. The 32GB bundle is available for $300 on Best Buy and can even go with free shipping.

Nintendo Consoles

Nintendo Gaming Systems (via

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Nintendo 3DS

For the Nintendo 3DS, the best place to look at is at Toys ?R? Us. This portable gaming device can be bought at a discounted price of $175. Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock. So checking the store website every now and then may be wise. However, for those who do not want to wait further, you can head to Target to get the same price deal on the console. Be warned though, this unit comes in Gray and not the new Galaxy Style Nintendo 3DS XL version.

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NES Classic

For the nostalgic at heart, retro gaming is life. Good thing that Nintendo re-released the NES Classic recently. Gamers can look forward to hours spent on tedious button pressing with the classic Nintendo games.

Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the NES Classic is a bit hard to come by these days. Chances are, one would have to scour the internet to find anyone selling this bad boy. But then again, be forewarned as some could get way too frisky with pricing. Some sellers put the price for the NES Classic to ridiculous amounts, some even costing as much as a Nintendo 3DS.

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Normally, the classic console will go for $60 online and from physical shops. Make sure you check your favorite electronic shops to get the best deal for the gaming console.

For more updates on Nintendo gaming console deals, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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