Nintendo Found A Way To Get GameCube Controllers Work With Wii U Version of Super Smash Bros

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Nintendo is aware that some fans of the popular Super Smash Bros game would never want to ditch their beloved GameCube controllers, so the Japanese video game company devised a plan to let loyal users of those controllers enjoy the said game for the Nintendo Wii U. That will be possible thanks to a new adapter that the company revealed today via Twitter.

GameCube controller adapter for Nintendo Wii U

GameCube controller adapter for Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U, unlike the earlier version Wii, is not equipped with a GameCube-compatible port. A photo is included in Nintendo?s tweet showing the special adapter that will connect GameCube controllers to the Wii U. The adapter is sort of a breakout box with four ports ready for Gamecube controllers. It could be connected to the Wii U through two of its front USB ports.

A special Super Smash Bros-themed GameCube controller is also included in the tweeted photo, signifying that Nintendo might be planning on selling the said adapter bundled with the said controller. Aside from the picture and the details mentioned, Nintendo did not offer any other information such the adapter?s price or whether it will work with other games for the Wii U. Nevertheless, video game fanatics will get to know more about the device and the game during the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June.

Nintendo also announced that they will conduct a tournament dubbed as the ?Super Smash Bros Invitational? in the E3 event to be held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California. A Canadian video game journalist is slated to host the event. The tournament will involve 16 top Smash Bros players hand-picked by Nintendo from all over the world.

In that tournament, challengers will play Super Smash Bros using GameCube controllers and should choose one character to use for the entire tournament. The single-elimination round will subject four challengers against each other in matches that only last for five minutes; only the top two players will be able to move forward to the next round. From round one to round three, all game items can be turned on. But in the grand finals, the tournament will conclude in a one-on-one battle with all items turned off.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros is expected to be released this summer while the Wii U version is lined up for a winter 2014 release. Players can get a glimpse of the game as US electronics retailer Best Buy has partnered with Nintendo in order to host Super Smash Bros demo games for Wii U this coming June.

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