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Nintendo Performs Quick Fix on Nintendo Switch Left JoyCon Controller Issue

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Nintendo issues quick fix for Nintendo Switch JoyCon Issue

Last March 3, Nintendo finally released its much awaited portable gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. While the company managed to sell more than 1.5 million units in a span of two weeks, there is still that issue of connectivity with the left JoyCon controller. After days of being out in the market, certain individuals and sites took it upon themselves to investigate the reason behind the connectivity issue.

A number of independent investigations somehow managed to take the mystery out of the problem that is plaguing the left JoyCon controller. It turns out, the signal coming from the Bluetooth antenna is being interfered by a metal plate next to it. Some brave souls actually tried to remedy the situation by adding a small piece of wire inside the JoyCon case. However, most of the consumers who bought the console can do nothing but wait for a solution from Nintendo. This is mainly because third-party repairs will basically void any warranty on the device. Fortunately, it looks like a solution has finally come.

According to CNET, from the looks of it, Nintendo performed a rather crude work-around for the left JoyCon connectivity issue. From the images posted on the site, one can see that Nintendo added a small piece of conductive foam at the end of the Bluetooth antenna traces. Just to be clear, the JoyCon unit in question was initially sent back to Nintendo for repairs.

Nintendo issues quick fix for Nintendo Switch JoyCon controller

Repaired Nintendo Switch JoyCon controller (via

In this case, the conductive foam serves as a shield for the antenna to prevent any RF interference. A conductive foam is nothing but a foam that has been treated with nickel or copper, or both. It is normally used in electronic devices as a sort of RF shielding.

One interesting point in the CNET report is the comparison between the repaired Nintendo Switch JoyCon controller and a newly bought one from Amazon. The only visible difference between the two is the fact that the repaired one has a piece of conductive foam. However, when tested, both controllers worked flawlessly.

It is possible that Nintendo somehow managed to make the necessary amendments to the JoyCon controller. Unfortunately, the company has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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