Nintendo Explains Why You Won’t See Mario or Zelda on Your Smartphones

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Mario on Mobile?
Mario on Mobile?

It might be an already age-long debate. Whether Nintendo games need to be released on the mobile or not. For Satoru Iwata, there?s no argument however. There is no way that Nintendo games, like Super Mario Bros and Zelda, will be released on the mobile platform on either Android or iOS (and definitely not Windows).

In a Bloomberg interview, Iwata said that he thinks that the console business is way more competitive than that of the consoles? line of business. They?ve had their business with the consoles department for more than 30 years and transferring them to mobile platform isn?t that simple according to the gaming giant CEO.

In a recent figure from App Annie Ltd., provided to Bloomberg, total sales revenue from combined iOS and Android devices earned way more than what 3DS and PlayStation Vita did in 2013.

Having games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong or Zelda, ported to the mobile platform may seem like a smart move, but Iwata strongly believes that having their games ported to mobile isn?t really a clever move. ?Our games such as Mario and Zelda are designed for our game machines so if we transfer them into smartphones as they are, customers won’t be satisfied,”.

?If customers aren?t satisfied with the experience, it will decrease the value of our content.? Iwata added.

Iwata already had a similar interview before and he actually praised the mobile platform?s rising popularity. However, he still thinks that having the games, made for Nintendo consoles, ported to mobile platform isn?t worth the ?risk?. He believes that Nintendo games are better off with their exclusivity within the same company?s dedicated devices.

Still, Nintendo isn?t closing their doors on the mobile industry. They still have some stuff featured on the mobile, like Mario Kart TV and Miiverse.

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