Nintendo Excites Super Mario Fans With Their New Mario Maker Game For Wii U

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Nintendo introduced the new Mario Maker game at E3 2014

Rumored to be launched not so long ago, Nintendo has announced that there will be a Mario Maker indeed. The video game company unveiled Mario Maker at its special digital event held at the E3 2014 in Los Angeles.

The new Mario Maker game will allow players to use the Nintendo Wii U GamePad to create levels from scratch. Players can design courses and paint objects, bricks and tiles that are all too familiar if they have ever played the popular Super Mario series at all. The game can even be switched from the classic 8-bit style to a more modern 3D visual look.

Mario Maker: How players can design their custom level

Mario Maker: How players can design their custom level

Confirmed to be released next year, Mario Maker is part of a handful of game titles revealed at the E3 event that hopes to benefit from the do-it-yourself (DIY) game culture currently dominated by Minecraft. But unlike Microsoft?s Project Spark and Sony?s LittleBigPlanet 3, the Nintendo game appears to have the right amount of simplicity that most gamers desire. In addition, it also has the advantage of being connected to the beloved Super Mario franchise.

In their press presentation, Nintendo showcased Mario Maker in a trailer displaying the methods by which the height of green pipes can be altered and objects like coins & springs can be placed. All of these can be performed by using the Wii U GamePad, with users utilizing the device?s stylus to edit and move items. Judging from the video preview, it seems that designing and building custom levels are quite simple. It?s the sort of game that adults and kids alike will be able to get used to easily.

The Japanese gaming company actually hinted the possibility of a DIY Mario game previously. With the launch of the Wii U game called ?New Super Mario Bros. U? back in 2012, a Coin Battle was introduced, ?letting players create their own coin layouts that other players may then play through.

At present, no word has been given out regarding the exact release date of Mario Maker. Nintendo only suggested an early 2015 release. Moreover, it?s unclear whether the new game will be a full retail game release or just a Wii U eShop game.

Here is Nintendo’s Mario Maker trailer:


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