Nintendo Announces Wii Qube And Wii Relax

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That’s it! It’s done. Nintendo has won this generation! When the casuals catch wind of this it’s over. These two new games, Wii Qube and Wii Relax offer different ways to play games. One exercises your arms, the other your brain. VGchartz has unveiled these new Nintendo Wii products that will set the world on fire. There are already 50 million Wii’s on the market and this will just boost sales to 100 million in no time. Here’s some info from VGChartz:

The first product, Wii Qube revolutionizing reinvents the classic Tetris: thanks to an innovative concept from the control, you can manipulate in 3D blocks of the classic Tetris. In a way, you can even enter the game in first person, interacting with the blocks by means of movements of the body. It is not coincidence that PubCompany wanted to choose a classic like Tetris to create, starting from his mechanics, something totally new but familiar.

Then comes Wii RelaxTM, which includes two products – Mind Relax and Relax Body – games that blend the control for the mental training to physical and mental relaxation, the movement of the body, providing a range of activities that contribute to physical and mental well being, thanks to ‘implementation of techniques such as yoga, Thai Chi, Qi-Gong, progressive relaxation, mental visualization, massage, meditation techniques and breathing.

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