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Nintendo Amiibo Price & Update: Why Is It Selling Well?

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This hopefully continues for Nintendo to launch more Amiibos figures in the coming months.

Nintendo may have some struggles in terms of sales in the recent years, but in the recent earnings report, it shows that their new Amiibo line up is bringing them more money. In just three months, they managed to sell around 10 million Amiibo figures as compared to 6.4 million from the previous quarter from the same time period. With Link being the top seller in North America and the Splatoon characters as the top sellers in Japan, plus there are more Amiibos arriving for this quarter.

But what makes them become a phenomenal hit to both Nintendo gamers and kids? Here are some of the reasons why:

It?s a collector?s item

What makes the Amiibo great is that you can buy these as your collection, it has great sculpture and fine details which makes it great in displaying it on your desk or put it on a glass cabinet. Or if you are a hardcore collector, you can keep it inside its package as the whole packaging design is good enough to just keep it intact.

It can unlock bonus content

Some games have Amiibo support that lets you tap those figurines on your New 3DS or Wii U and you can unlock some nifty goodies. From new costumes to playable characters or new dungeons to conquer, some can even give a temporary power up boost. Each Amiibo has different functions, so not all figures have the same unlock content. This encourage some people to collect every Amiibo available in the market.

A nostalgic feel

Some Amiibos feature some of the classic characters from the Nintendo franchise. Have you seen the Duck Hunt Amiibo featuring both the famous dog and duck characters in the game? Or how about the 8-bit Mario figure in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros.? Each of these Amiibo will definitely put you to a trip down memory lane if you have been playing these classic games in the late 80?s or 90?s.

Following the Toy to Life trend

After the success of Activision?s Skylanders (which was originally pitched to Nintendo but they declined the idea) more brands are following the Toy to Life genre where toys can be brought into video games as an added interaction, this genre has garnered more sales compared to most triple A games in the market. Disney followed with their Disney Infinity series and Lego with their new Lego Dimensions, it is no surprise that Nintendo will also follow suit, and it was effective and their Amiibo supports more games.

So are you planning to buy an Amiibo? Which will be your first one? Or if you are an Amiibo collector, which was your favorite?

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