Ning Zetao Girlfriend: Is Rio 2016’s Internet Baby Single or Not?

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The Internet is going wild over China?s Ning Zetao. The 23-year-old Olympic gold contender is currently sweeping the public not just with his 100-meter and 50-meter freestyle strokes, but with his amazing physique and good looks. Who says Asian men aren?t hot?

According to Zetao?s Wikipedia, his teammates have nicknamed him ?Baozi?, which means traditional Chinese meat bun, because of his chubby, meat bun-esque cheeks. Which cheeks, though, we can only guess. Flirtatious comments on China?s popular social media platform, Weibo, has had #NingzetaosGirlfriend shared over 20 thousand times. Posts include photos of Ning with ?Your height is really suitable for putting up shower curtains. My shower curtains have fallen down and I can?t reach, can you help me?? as well as ?Move aside, I want to be the goggles that are inside his mouth!!?

Even Teen Wolf actress, Arden Cho, has staked a claim on the Olympic hottie. The American-South Korean singer, model and actress has posted on Twitter: ?Out with the girls & just jumped on #TeamChina Out with the girls & just jumped on #TeamChina WOW Ning Zetao… how can people say Asian guys aren’t hot??

Focused on training

Ning has been a soldier since 2007; he is a lieutenant in the Chinese Navy. He says that their training is strict and disciplined, and they need to lead an acceptable lifestyle. He has disclosed in an interview with Elle Men that he doesn?t have a girlfriend, and hasn?t really considered being in a relationship. He is focused on his training and his daily routine pretty much consists of eating, sleeping and training, nothing else. He admits that he was born tone deaf and can?t sing a tune, but often in training, he would hum to himself. He adorably shares that he listens to Beyond?s Under a Vast Sky on repeat for about 4-5 times.

When asked what?s his ideal girlfriend was like, Ning Zetao puts a premium on filial piety. He says that those who are respectful to elders, to parents are worthy of his respect. He doesn?t like people who destroy public amenities, animal abusers and those who are unable to empathize with others. He says his ideal girlfriend has to be filial, and for marriage, he thinks that his parents and grandparents must agree [to it]. To all the gushing female hopefuls out there, Ning Zetao is single, but it probably doesn?t mean he?s available?right now, at least.

Ning Zetao will be competing in the Rio Olympic Games 2016 on Aug 9 and Aug 11 for Men?s 100m and 50m freestyle, respectively.

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Ning Zetao. Straight from the cover of a magazine. (Photo credit: ning-zetao.tumblr.com)

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