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Nikon Tries Its Luck Again With the Android System

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Nikon Tries Its Luck Again With the Android System

Tokyo, Tokyo ? Nikon is going to try out the Android operating system with their cameras again with their newest product.

The new camera will be named the CoolPix SC10C. Naturally, it has more advanced software features than its predecessor. Also, its lenses and other shooting materials are way better. Its video program is capable of running 1080p at 30 frames per second, while its shooting can be maximized up to 16 megapixels.

Plus, its screen is better because it is already at 3.7-inch with better sensors. It already has a Jellybean processor, which makes it available for most apps today.

How Did It Go the First Time They Tried It

This is not the first time that Nikon will try this strategy out. The first try did not go well for their sales. The first product from Nikon that had this kind of feature was the Nikon S800c. It was the first from the company, but they made sure that they will pull something good out of it. They were not the first in the industry, though, as Samsung also had their own version.

They made every application related to photography available in the phone. Since its Android, it is entitled to several free application downloads on the Internet. Unlike the Nikon CoolPix SC10C, this one worked with the Gingerbread Android processor.

The worst issue about this product is its responsiveness. Customers are having a hard time at the control, thus, voiding all the Android features.

More Products From Nikon: Are They Surprising?

This is not the only product line that will come out soon from Nikon. They have also worked with mirror-less cameras, DSLR, and a variation of both. The Nikon J4 and V3 are the next in line.

These were also products that have their respective predecessors. Was the company able to improve it drastically this time? So far, it is receiving better feedbacks with its released features. They say that it is better than most of its competitors. This is due to the better and more responsive shutters. For those who are taking sports photos, this is such a blessing.

At the end of the day, even if Nikon does not make it far with this product, they did their best to improve it. Today, technology is more advanced than ever. Even a single improvement will matter. Would you like to have your phone with better Android features?

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