Nikita Whitlock Is Causing Giants Opponents Nightmares, Here?s Why

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A starting fullback, core special teams player and a late-game defensive weapon, that?s what Nikita Whitlock does for the New York Giants and he definitely puts the terror in every game. The Giants three-way player stands somewhat at 5-foot-11 and 245 pounds, he eats oatmeal like there?s no tomorrow to gain weight and withstand the pressure of being a three-in-one player, according to

?I?ve never [blocked him] and I hope I never have to do it. I feel so bad for those guys who have to block that guy,? Giants center Weston Richburg said according to ?He?s a mismatch when he gets in there, especially at the end of games when guys are tired.?

He?s been proven on the field by the Giants, using him as a pass-rushing defensive tackle and becoming the most productive one, playing 18 snaps in the previous games, recording a sack, a quarterback hit and a hurry. This proves just how much a difference his game makes, making him a matchup nightmare for a number of players.

?The challenge is he gives you limited surface area to hit? I?d rather the big, massive defensive tackle that gives you more to hit,? former Giants guards Chris Snee indicated. And although results of Whitlock?s performance on the field have been mixed so far, the team is very satisfied with Whitlock?s energy.

?He?s a multi-task, multi-talented guy who can rush the passer, plays fullback as you all know, is on all of the special teams,? Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said according to ?He?s got a great energy, this kid.?

As for Whitlock, he?s still working hard to make his opportunities relish into an accomplishment. ?I?m going to just keep grinding. It gets tiring, but I?ve just got to keep balling,? Whitlock told ?When they put me in next time, hopefully I get a sack instead of a hit.?

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