Nike Unveils Shoes That Are Only Accessible to 2K14 owners

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The latest pair of Lebron James? branded shoes has been unlocked. This pair of shoes is unique because it only came to fruition because a lot of dedicated NBA 2K14 players put in a lot of effort to get the shoes made.

Nike mentioned that this is the first time that a physical basketball pair of shoes has been unlocked from a video game.

James appears on the cover of NBA 2K14 and in honor of this event, Nike Basketball has worked with 2K Sports as well as developer Visual Concepts for a unique promotion for the players. Nike designed a special NBA 2K14 version of the Lebron 11, a pair of basketball shoes which debuted last year to mark the 11th year of Lebron?s NBA career. The production of the pair of shoes is limited to only produce 2014 pairs. Aside from the limited availability, the only people who are qualified to get an opportunity to buy the shoes are a special group of NBA 2K14 players, specifically, those players who have completed a specific set of in game tasks in either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of the game.

Some of these milestones include playing a minimum of 60 games in the MyCareer mode, earning an elite ranking, creating a shoe inside the game?s Nike Innovation Kitchen and choosing the Nike sponsorship path. According to Nike, The game time for these milestones amount to around 80 hours. After this requirement is met, these players would then have a chance of being part of a select group of players who could preorder the limited edition pair of shoes for $220. Unfortunately, for those of you who are interested in the pair of shoes, the shoes have already sold out at Nike?s official website so if you still want to play the game, remember that the limited edition shoes will no longer apply to you even if you reach all of the milestones.

Nike?s design for the limited edition pair of shoes combines a jungle print and a crimson upper portion that is meant to symbolize the heart of a lion. Nike is already in the process of notifying the 2014 lucky individuals and the shoes will reportedly ship out soon.

Photo Source: Nike website

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