Nike Hyperadapt Sale Coming Soon? What We Know So Far

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Nike Hyperadapt 1.0

The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0, which is the brand?s first commercialized pair of self-lacing shoes, will go on sale this year. The shoe name actually refers to the feature of this model which is ?adaptive lacing? because you will be able to adjust your shoelaces, tightening or loosening them with the use of buttons for your fitting comfort.

As of now, we don?t have an idea about the pricing for the shoe but here are some of the things we know so far.

The shoes are what ‘Back to the Future’ got right in this era

The shoe brand finally brings to life the sneaker fans dream of since ?Back to the Future II?, which was released almost three decades ago, The Verge writes. The company did create real self-lacing Air Mag sneakers from the movie, but it was not made to be consumed by the public. Michael J. Fox was given a pair late last year, and even made an announcement of plans to sell the shoe in limited quantities. This year, however, we will all have a chance to step into our sole?s future.

You have to be a member of Nike+ to buy a pair

The new adaptive lacing shoe will be available to the public later this year. Interested customers should first register to the brand?s fitness app, Nike+, as The Verge also adds.

The shoe will come in three colors

The adaptive-lacing shoe will come in basic colors of white, grey and black.

The 2009 automatic lacing patent is still a good reference to know more about the shoe

ArsTechnica quotes a part of the patent from the brand as they haven?t announced any more details about the new shoe. The report states that the 2009 patent is still the best starting point to learn more about how the shoe works for those who wants to get into the technicalities:

?[The US patent] teaches an automated tightening shoe. The tightening mechanism of [US patent #6,691,433] includes a first fastener mounted on the upper, and a second fastener connected to the closure member and capable of removable engagement with the first fastener so as to retain releasably the closure member at a tightened state. [The patent teaches] a drive unit mounted in the heel portion of the sole. The drive unit includes a housing, a spool rotatably mounted in the housing, a pair of pull strings and a motor unit. Each string has a first end connected to the spool and a second end corresponding to a string hole in the second fastener. The motor unit is coupled to the spool. [The patent] teaches that the motor unit is operable so as to drive rotation of the spool in the housing to wind the pull strings on the spool for pulling the second fastener towards the first fastener. [The patent] also teaches a guide tube unit that the pull strings can extend through.?

The shoe will be on sale in time for the holidays

The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 will be available later this year in time for the winter holidays. Now you know what you want for Christmas!

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