“NiGHTS” sequel returning to Nintendo Wii!

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Sonic Team developed NiGHTS has been confirmed by both Sega and Nintendo this morning. Rumors reached its peek this past week as pictures published on Nintendo?s official periodical Official Nintendo Magazine circulated throughout the web illustrating what seemed to be the acrobatic protagonist of NiGHTS formed by stars laid out on a pitch black sky with two white bold-lettered words ?World Exclusive?. Both parties involved with the NiGHTS project have both stated that this won?t be a port of Sega Saturn?s 1996 title for the Nintendo Wii?s Virtual Console; Instead the untitled game will amplify the franchise making it it?s official sequel. Fans of the now original NiGHTS game shouldn?t dismiss the probability of seeing our jester attired friend from appearing in 32-bit format as part of Nintend Wii?s Virtual Console marketplace. LiveNintendo

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