Nightmare On Elm Street 2015: Freddy Krueger Haunts Us With Another Reboot!

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Just like in video games, getting a lot of reboots can be tiring.

The classic horror flick Nightmare on Elm Street is getting yet another reboot, and it is already in the works at New Line Cinema once again. They will be ignoring the previous reboot movie that was released last 2010 which stars Jackie Earle as Freddy Krueger.

The new reboot will be handled by David Leslie Johnson (Orphan) for the script but no director or producer were assigned for the said movie yet as it is still in early development

The 1984 slasher horror flick was a hit during the 80?s from both critics and movie viewers, which spawned a series of sequels and a TV series along with a crossover movie in 2003 Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. The 2010 reboot movie was not enjoyed by the fans as the reboot did not try to separate itself from the original film, making it boring lacks the kick of a horror film.

Speaking of reboots, it has become a trend these days for Hollywood to release reboots of classic films or series. Unfortunately not all reboots can land a critical success in the box office, whether from critics or from sales.

One good example is the reboot film of the Fantastic Four (which is still showing in all theaters) getting poor reviews from both critics and comic book fans, as the film fails to deliver the vibe from the comic book line, which was also the problem from its first theatrical run in 2005.

Reboots are mostly meant to revive an old franchise and giving the long-time fans a chance to see their favorite characters in action once again, but doing a reboot without fully understanding the chemistry behind the success of the original can be a disaster.

But some managed to surpass the original by giving it a much better character portrayal, development and plot while still being faithful to the original source. Such examples like Batman Dark Knight Trilogy, Stark Trek (2009) and Casino Royale have proved this such feat.

Hopefully more of the reboot films including the upcoming Ghost Busters and of course the planned second reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street could surpass the original and stand on its own for its new generation of audience.

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