?The Night Of? Spoilers: Taylor Real Suspect to Murder?

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The Night Of

The series The Night Of couldn?t have chosen a better time to air on TV. It is a brave and timely show that tackles Islamophobia, at a time when the world is facing this very issue. The series by HBO has been in production for the past 4 years.

The story circles around a young Pakistani American ?college student, Nasir ?Naz? Khan who lives in Queens, New York. One wild night, he picks up a young woman, Andrea Cornish, and after an evening of sex and drugs, he wakes up to find her stabbed to death, but he has no recollection of what happened. He leaves the scene, but is later on arrested for a minor traffic violation. The police find a knife in his back pocket that matches the murder weapon used on the woman he left and is taken in for questioning.

Nasir Khan?s dubious past and drug-induced state is causing confusion throughout the episodes. Somehow it feels like someone is framing Khan. Right from the time Naz?s lawyer, Chandra Kapoor discovered that he invited Andrea to his car, in his drugged state, a horde of questions have come up. Could it be that Andrea was thrust to entice the weak Naz who would probably not have the willpower to resist Andrea? In his drugged state, a murder can be easily framed on him, plus the fact that he has the disadvantage of his roots? Enter a new suspected murderer, Andrea?s step father, Taylor, who is only after the family?s money. ?

A case of Islamophobia

Taylor, after having seduced Andrea?s late mother, Evelyn, finds the daughter in his way to the family?s wealth. This might have brought Taylor?s wrath on her.

With lawyer turnovers, it can be observed that everyone seems to know where to guide Naz. Only his present attorney, Chandra, appears to be interested to get to the truth.

The Night Of Episode 7 ?Ordinary Death? would continue the strife between The State and Nasir Khan.

The Night Of is based on era 2008-2009 British TV series, Criminal Justice. Show creators Richard Price and Steve Zaillian seem less interested in the crime itself, but they are more focused to showcase the grind of the judicial system. It is directed by Zaillian and James Marsh.

The show airs on August 21 at HBO.

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