?The Night Of? HBO Unleashes Powerful New Series

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HBO unleashes a powerful new series, The Night Of, which stars John Turturro and Riz Ahmed. The new true-crime drama is an eight-part limited series from creators Steven Zaillian and Richard Price and is loosely based on the BBC drama Criminal Justice.

The fictional crime story exposes the flawed and ?predatory atmosphere? of the US justice system as The Guardian writes. It follows 23-year-old Nazir Khan played by Ahmed, who decides to go out one night and borrows his father?s taxi for a drive around New York. He was later accused of a grisly murder, being the prime suspect of the stabbing of a woman. The eight episodes will follow his arrest, detention and trial as well as his close relationship with his lawyer portrayed by Turturro.

The series was filmed in and around Manhattan which included a real prison in Queens, Rikers Island. Ahmed shared that it was very difficult to forget what he experienced in Rikers. The rest of the cast and crew were also horrified of what they have witnessed.

Ahmed told TheGuardian about the flawed system in the prison. ?People are in for a year for quite small, petty offences… like the story of Kalief Browder, which came out when we were filming. He was a young man accused of stealing somebody?s backpack. He was detained, awaiting trial, for three years just because of the backlog of cases. He came with no previous, came out and killed himself from the PTSD of that … it?s crazy,? the actor said.


The Night Of will examine the criminal justice system and the purgatory of Rikers Island, where Ahmed?s character will be detained in the show. The questions of guilt or innocence and of what really happened aren?t the priority anymore for the audience. Of course, we want to know the mystery behind the murder. But in this show, it seems we will be even more horrified of what happens within the process of the criminal justice system.

The Night Of airs Sunday nights, 9p.m. ET on HBO.

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