The Night Of: HBO TV & Streaming Schedule; What to Expect from ?Hot? New Series

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The Night Of, HBO?s new true-crime drama is nothing short of intense.

The intensity isn?t in the ?big murder case? or the crime itself, but it?s in the details?the little moments, the stares and glances, the lingering seconds that lead to that abrupt high note.

This could have been the second season of True Detective we never got to watch. But in The Night Of, we focus on our main suspect, Nasir Khan, a 23-year-old Pakistani in New York. He seems like a nice college kid who just wants to go to a party one night, so he borrowed his father?s cab without permission and drove off. On the way, people hailed his cab because he couldn?t switch the ?On Duty? light off. The police even helped him fend off stubborn passengers. Then there was this one passenger he just could not resist who wanted to go to ?The Beach? which is also the title of the pilot.

Naz wound up driving her to the river and then to her home. She looked and felt like trouble and Naz just couldn?t see it behind that beautiful face. She told him that she couldn?t be alone that night and so Naz spent the night with her, playing her strange games with drugs, alcohol, knives and sex.

He fell asleep downstairs and the next thing he knew, the girl was brutally murdered in her bed with numerous stab wounds and blood splattered all over the room. Naz is the main suspect. He came from the house, he has the knife, he has drugs on him and he doesn?t even know what happened. But everyone sees him as the killer. A lawyer played by John Turturro sympathises for Nas but he soon realizes that it?s a case he just can?t get out of easily.


The new crime drama is an eight-part limited series by Steven Zaillian (Schindler?s List) and Richard Price (The Wire), starring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed. Viewers are all praises for the new show after the release of its pilot. Looks like HBO has done it again.

Catch the hot, new series, The Night Of, Sundays, 9-10:30 p.m. ET on HBO. The show is also available for next-day streaming on HBO On Demand, HBO Now and HBO Go.

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