Night Of Finale: How To Watch Replay Online For Free

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?The Night Of finale from?HBO?is finally here. It is expected to reveal whether or not Nasir ?Naz? Khan did kill Andrea. Now, for those who will not be able to make it on time to watch the final episode, we’ll reveal?the best way to stream the replay for free.

During episode 1, viewers saw that Naz (Riz Ahmed) was in trouble for being the primary suspect on the brutal murder of Andrea. Although he admitted that he took drugs and had sex with the lady, Naz claims that he cannot remember killing her. He believes that an intruder may have done it while he was sleeping.

The whole series revolved around the case of Andrea. Little by little, the creators revealed few details about what really transpired during that night. Now that the finale is already set, audience will finally know if he did kill Andrea or not. And, for those who will miss the big conclusion, here is the simplest thing, yet effective, you need to do to be able to watch it.

The best way to watch The Night Of?finale online for free is to sign up for the one-week free trial of HBO Now. It?would require no prior subscription to HBO or cable login credentials. Also, a replay can possibly air on that website or check this link of HBO, which is streaming the past episodes of the series.

The Night Of Season 2 Rumors

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the TV series will have a second season. But it will tackle a whole new different story. Season 2 of the series was first teased by the show?s executive producer, writer and director, Steven Zaillian, during the summer press tour.

?We?re thinking about it and if we come up with something we all feel is worthy of doing, we?ll do it,? he mentioned. ?This [show] was designed as a stand-alone piece? that being said, there are ways of certainly kind of taking what it feels like and what it?s about and doing another season on another subject,? Zaillian added.

If the show will be renewed, it will feature brand new characters as well as a new storyline. But,for now, the focus is The Night Of season finale, which will air August 28 on HBO.

How about you? Do you think Naz really killed Andrea? Or, was he just framed up? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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