?The Night Of? Episode 6: New Leads To Acquit Naz Revealed

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The Night Of Episode 6 titled ?Samson & Delilah? significantly fills in the blank spaces. Such as more potential murder suspects with stronger motives, Naz?s violent past, the State?s incredulity towards the truth, John Stone?s eczema treatment, and the cat. Let?s not forget the cat in all this mess. He could even be the key to prove Naz?s innocence. But then, does the State or the criminal justice system even care about that?

The new HBO limited series is titled as such to perhaps let the audience fill in the blank spaces themselves. The night of ________ what, exactly? Of a hookup gone bad? Of murder? Of sex, drugs and knives? Of forgetting to lock the gate of your apartment after letting your cat out? Of making really, really bad decisions which get you arrested and accused of rape and murder?

Well, The Night Of is ultimately about all and none of the above. It is literally what?s stated above and yet it?s not. Naz?s lawyers Stone and Chandra finally get more potential murder suspects but does it even matter to the State? Does the truth even matter to them? Holding a trial for them is the most cumbersome task and all their efforts are only working towards finding more evidence to prove Naz?s guilt. What about the possibility of finding other potential suspects with real motives?

Stone was able to talk to the victim?s financial adviser after questioning how an unemployed, 22-year-old drug addict, could afford to live in a $10 million dollar apartment in Manhattan all by herself. Andrea Cornish?s financial adviser revealed to John that her stepfather, Don Taylor, who had been married to her mother for only two years before her death was a ?gold digger.? He was a personal trainer ?by trade? who flirts with wealthy, older women. After marrying Andrea?s mom, the adviser said that he never worked a day in his life. ?



It was also revealed that Don wanted half of the wealth of Andrea?s mom, but Andrea told him, ?over my dead body.? So looks like we have a new murder suspect who has an absolutely stronger motive. While another one was the creepy mortician Chandra who said that when he saw Andrea, he saw her for the ?destroyer that she is.? This man loathed women for some reason and even referenced a verse in the Bible which tells about Samson and Delilah, hence the title of the episode.

Meanwhile, in the previous episode, Duane Reade was pointed to be a potential suspect but a strong personal motive is still the biggest case-winner here. What then if John and Chandra prove Don?s guilt? Will the State make the arrest and exonerate Naz once and for all? With all the evidence presented against Naz and all their efforts exerted into convicting him, does the truth even exist in the criminal justice system? Will they even honor it?

Let?s just hope John and Chandra?s efforts to completely acquit Naz of all charges will not be put to waste as Naz has been going through a really swift Walter White-esque transformation, which he might possibly never come back from.

Even if he will be proved to be innocent, he is becoming more and more of a true criminal inside the prison. It?s understandable that he needs to adapt to survive, but having ?SIN? tattooed on his knuckles is not a good sign. This transformation is beginning to become permanent, and Naz might even start believing that he really did commit the crime.

And lastly, the cat. He could be the literal ?key? to Andrea?s murder because as recalled, she left the back gate of her apartment open on the night of her death when she let the cute little tabby out to enjoy the evening breeze. So, it is largely possible that the murderer came from outside and not from the inside where Naz and Andrea were.

What do you think?

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