?The Night Of? Episode 5 Spoilers: Naz Breaks Bad, Real Killer Possibly Found But Who Cares?

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The Night Of episode 5 titled ?The Night of the Witch? sees Naz break bad in prison while John Stone possibly finds the real killer, but really, who cares?

The new limited series from HBO isn?t about finding out who did the crime. What makes it compelling is the fact that it exposes what goes on inside the prison, how the criminal justice system works (or doesn?t), and how a good boy can turn into a badass convict because he needs to in order to survive Riker?s Island.

Naz breaks bad in ?The Night of the Witch,? which is a pretty fast transition. Previously, Naz found his bed in flames while some guys look on with amusement. Then he got cut on the arm by a random convict and got burnt in the same arm by someone who pretended to help him. Now, the once good college boy suddenly turned into a criminal just like everyone around him.

He asked for Freddy?s help for him to survive in the prison and in return, he needs to do a couple of drug-related favors for him. These favors could get him in real trouble and he could even worsen his sentence into lifetime imprisonment.



Naz sports a shaved head now, which reminds us of Walter White, the soft-spoken high school Chemistry teacher who turned into Heisenberg, the ruthless drug kingpin. Just like Walt, Naz is transitioning into someone that could have been inside him all along. He beat a guy up real bad and was even taken to the ICU. And that same night he?s just back in his bed sleeping like a baby like nothing happened. Naz was not a criminal when he entered Riker?s Island, but looks like he?s already turning into one.

Freddy said Naz has this rage that?s just exposing itself to him only now. Could this be the effect of the prison? Can it possibly change someone that fast?

Meanwhile, John Stone possibly found who the real killer is but who cares, right? We do want to know but it seems everyone wants Naz to plead guilty or to be found guilty. Duane Reade was the guy Trevor was with that night when they saw Naz and Andrea entering the apartment. But Trevor initially told Detective Box that he was alone, which could get him charged for perjury.

John discovered that Duane had a couple of criminal records that involved using a knife as a weapon, which means that he could actually be a possible suspect.

When John confronted Duane, he ran away. John followed him to some kind of motor room found inside a dark alley. Could John finally be onto something? Why did Duane run away when he started talking about that night on 87th street? Could he be the one who killed Andrea?

What do you think? Will Naz completely break bad in prison without realizing how he is already becoming a real criminal? What if John was right? What if Duane really is the killer which could help him win the case and prove Naz?s innocence once and for all?

But if Naz gets in big trouble in prison, then John?s efforts will all just go down the drain.

Catch The Night Of Sunday nights on HBO. You can also catch replays online here.

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