Nigella Lawson Recipe In New Show Mocked, Fails To Impress Viewers: What Went Wrong?

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Nigella Lawson

Seems like food writer and television personality Nigella Lawson is surrounded by controversy due to her new show Simply Nigella.

Daily Mail UK?reports that Miss Lawson has been widely mocked after kicking off her latest cookery series by explaining to the viewing public how to make avocado on toast.

Rather than showcase her culinary skills, the 55-year-old chose to spend several minutes scooping out the flesh of the fruit and mashing it in a bowl.

So much so that, one disappointed viewer of the BBC2 show joked on social media that ‘she’ll be teaching us how to make a cuppa next’. Another said the meal was something their four-year-old could make.

Some even accused her of wasting licence fee payers’ money. Their verdict was perhaps reflected in the viewing figures.

Only 2.3million tuned in on Monday night, the lowest for an opening episode of any of Miss Lawson’s BBC shows in at least ten years. Simply Nigella represents her comeback to the BBC.

Lawson has also cooked up a feta and avocado salad, a gluten-free apricot and almond cake, lamb ribs and Thai prawn noodles in her new kitchen set – her first television outing since her messy public split from husband Charles Saatchi – but the debut of Simply Nigella will only, it seems, be remembered for her posh toast recipe, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

The mother-of-two also offered an insight into her middle class upbringing, revealing that she lived on ‘breast of lamb when I was a student’, a less than average university dish.

Elsewhere, Nigella’s complicated descriptions of the food she was preparing tickled some of her fans on Twitter…and enraged others.

All we would like to say is that, buck up Nigella or else your fans won?t support you any further.




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