NieR Gets PS3 Reprint In Europe; Here’s Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Playing For NieR Automata Fans

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Recently, Square Enix has reprinted copies of the original NieR for the PS3 have begun selling it again in Europe. NieR Automata fans should take the opportunity to import these copies and play this entry. Here are some reasons why you should play the original game.

Know More of the Overarching Story

Director Yoko Taro’s works are often bizarre and outlandish, but his Drakengard and NieR works actually have a connected story. Players will be able to find out some interesting facts about the NieR series. While NieR Automata is a standalone game that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Drakengard and NieR, they are all connected to each other. It’s also worth noting that NieR Automata is a sequel of NieR. 

Get Every NieR Automata reference

Since NieR Automata is connected to the original NieR, playing the original will help players find a deeper appreciation for the sequel. Players will see familiar faces like Emil and see what he did before the events of NieR Automata took place. Additionally, familiar NieR Automata names are found as early as the first city in NieR.

Moreover, players will also start seeing persisting elements exclusive to the NieR series. These persisting elements can help players understand more of the events and see references in NieR Automata.

Enjoy Its Unique Story

NieR’s story alone is enough to attract NieR Automata fans to get in the game. The first NieR also delivers a complicated and satisfying story, but it does have a problem with its uninteresting combat gameplay. Players will still be able to move around freely in battle but won’t be as agile as 2B and the other playable characters in NieR Automata. The player character’s arsenal is composed of melee weapons and a spellbook that may feel repetitive, stiff, and boring at times.

Warning: Yawny at Start

The first NieR is one of those games with an uninteresting early game but immensely rewards the players for soldiering on. The original NieR also has multiple main endings like NieR Automata. Players who’ve finished NieR Automata will understand the weird save file requirement at the end once they’ve reached the last ending for the first NieR. Overall, playing the first NieR generally improves the player’s understanding of NieR Automata, like most series. Even though each Yoko Taro game stands on its own, the connections between his games are played too strong.

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