NieR Automata Update 1.06 Removes Exp Farm Trick; PS4 Patch Notes Released By Square Enix

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NieR Automata Update 1.06
Source: NieR: Automata – “Death is Your Beginning” Launch Trailer | PS4

Update: The NieR Automata update 1.06 for the West has gone live on May 1. The latest patch adds support for the new DLC and it brings an important bug fix for the game. You can check out more details here. Original story for the Region 3 1.06 update follows below.

Orignal Story: The NieR Automata update 1.06 has recently rolled out on the PS4. The update 1.06 patch notes includes a few bug fixes. However, some fans have noticed glaring text uses when using the hacking ability of 9S. A highly useful EXP farm trick also can’t be accessed anymore in this current game build.

NieR Automata Update 1.06

The Japanese NieR Automata site has listed only three changes for update 1.06. The fixes include some for issues during the 2B playthrough, the game’s cutscenes, and the usual “various bug fixes” for the game. So far, this update is fairly standard problem patches, however; some fans also noticed other issues in the game.

Hacking Issues

As seen on Hoshiko-Yoshida’s thread on the NieR subreddit, some players can no longer hack the large bunny Machine in the Amusement Park to wake it up. The large bunny statue can be quickly woken up via hacking and once defeated, a large amount of EXP will be awarded to players. This is highly useful for those trying to reach level 99.

Player reports of being unable to hack the bunny have surfaced since the latest patch rolled out. Due to the issue’s inconsistency, we’re not sure if Square Enix intended this to be a fix to remove the EXP farming or it’s just a new bug in the game. Nonetheless, players can still dish out enough damage to the bunny in order to wake it up.

Additionally, the successful hacking messages have also been confirmed to have been jumbled to incorrigible words. Player may get confused on which buttons could be the Self-Destruct, Subjugate, or Remote Control command prompt this time around. For those having troubles, the uppermost choice is Self-Destruct, then followed by Subjugate and Remote Control.

NieR Automata Hacking

In NieR Automata, 9S’ hacking attack allowed him to control or destroy a machine with just a press of a button. Hacking stronger enemies may give a more difficult mini-game, but they yield large EXP points if hacked successfully. Players that can complete the twin-stick shooter mini-game can easily level up for those extra stat points. Without the Amusement Park EXP farm, players will have to find a different way to farm those levels.

NieR Automata so far

Currently, some fans have long cleared the game up until its fifth and conclusive ending E. Players are now just waiting for its DLC releases. Director Yoko Taro has long confirmed that it won’t have any expansive DLCs, but they do have additional content prepared. However, Square Enix, Platinum Games or Yoko Taro has yet to announce any release dates for its DLCs. Stay updated with more NieR Automata news here on The BitBag.

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