NieR Automata Update 1.04 Ruins English Text, Workaround To Fix Issue

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NieR Automata Update 1.04
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Recently, NieR Automata fans are investigating the “Broken English” bug which ruins much of the game’s English interface messages. Like the Japanese version’s update 1.06, the North American NieR Automata update 1.04 also introduces this issue. However, the fans have a solution to avoid the issue from triggering, but it will require players to make a fresh file. [Minor spoilers below]

Broken English Bug

In Hoshiko-Yoshida’s thread on the NieR Automata subreddit, fans have confirmed that the NieR Automata update 1.04 also has the bug found on the Asian version patch update 1.06. The bug ruins English interface messages and menus when using the hacking ability. Their options will be obscured with gibberish symbols and will have to do trial-and-error to know which choice does what. The bug also affects tutorial messages which renders introducing controls to new players impossible.


Hoshiko-Yoshida points out that players have to use a new save file on update 1.04  and go through the Ending A route again. The workaround isn’t assured but they’re betting on a possibility that the bug won’t trigger again if running on a fresh save. If their workaround is proven correct, they’ll be able to narrow down the issue to a problem from a previous patch and find a better workaround. The fix isn’t assured but it’s better than nothing.

Broken English in the 9S Playthrough

The NieR Automata subreddit thread also points out that the issue can usually be found in the 9S playthrough. 9S’ hacking attack seems to trigger this issue and permanently turns hacking menus to have gibberish text. The bug hits every English message and menus when hacking, which makes them hard to use unless the players are already familiar with the menus and systems. However, the biggest problem for the gibberish text is during story sequences in hacking where 9S must activate certain nodes. 

Additionally, the issue only seems to happen on the English language settings on any of the game’s versions. So far, the French, Japanese, German, and Spanish language settings doesn’t have this issue. However, the English language setting is the norm for most players and streamers which make this bug a serious problem. We’ll have to wait for future updates after the NieR Automata update 1.04 sees this issue fixed without workarounds soon.

Official Updates so far

Currently, the official NieR Automata Facebook and Twitter seem to not have any answers for this issue. Players will have to wait for an official release to know when the next update will be. As of the most recent official events, NieR Automata plans to celebrate reaching its 1 million sales goal this coming April 17. Stay updated with more NieR Automata news here on The BitBag.

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