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NieR: Automata PC Release Date & News: Square Enix To Host Live Stream; Where To Watch Online

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NieR: Automata

Square Enix will host their second official NieR: Automata Livestream on December 27 20:00 JST via YouTube. Meanwhile, a PlayStation 4 demo is now available in Japan and will later be available worldwide.

NieR: Automata Livestream

The Livestream will provide further information about the PlayStation 4 and PC role-playing game. Hence, the release date for the PC version could also be answered during the said live stream. Furthermore, various people from Platinum Games are also making their appearance in the said event.

The game?s producer Yosuke Saito, as well as its director Yoko Taro, are making their appearance in the said live stream. In addition, Platinum Game?s game designers Isao Negishi and Takahisa Taura will also make an appearance. And last but not the least, Operator 60?s voice actress Keiko Isobe will grace the event.

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On the other hand, multiple live streams of NieR: Automata demo are surfacing. People who are looking for a preview of the game?s combat, graphics and style should simply head to YouTube. As a result, it would provide a great look for the people who are interested in NieR: Automata gameplay.

NieR: Automata Characters

NieR: Automata

When it comes to playable characters, players will have three to choose from, two of which are female androids. It is important to realize that some characters from the previous game will also appear in the game. However, they won?t be playable for a while in the least.

  • YoRHa Type A No9: A gentle, as well as kind scanner type android whose specialty is in hacking. However, he will is also capable of dishing out close range attacks.
  • YoRHa Type B No2: A female android made by the people who fled to the moon with the intention of avoiding extinction by the machines.
  • YoRHa Type A No2: The android made to surpass the two previous androids in all aspects. This android doesn?t speak much and would prefer to keep everything to herself.

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NieR: Automata PC

At the present time, there?s no release date announced for the PC version of the game. Apparently, the previous report of the PC version being released alongside the console version is false. Hopefully, the live stream scheduled on December 27 is going to shed some light on the issue.

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