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Nier Automata PC: All Optimization Issues So Far And How To Fix Them

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NieR Automata PC
Source: NieR: Automata – “Death is Your Beginning” Launch Trailer | PS4 video

Square Enix recently released the NieR Automata PC version on March 17. Fans have noticed some optimization issues that forces the PC version to run the game at low settings, even though their hardware is capable of better performance. Here are some issues that fans found some fixes on.

Fullscreen Issue

According to igrat’s thread on the NieR Automata subreddit, fans are finding ways to make the PC Version’s fullscreen resolution work. Apparently, the Windowed mode triggers some performance issues and will not maximize hardware capacity. However, Kaldaien from the Steam Discussion forums have released a quick fix mod for this issue while the official fix isn’t out yet. Players will need to download an edited NieR Automata PC settings file and apply it to the game to fix this issue. Here’s the link to Kaldaien’s mod and explanation on the changes he made to make the fullscreen setting work.

Cutscene FPS Fix

Meanwhile, Breedloved’s thread on the Steam Discussion forums has provided a way to fix cutscene FPS issues in the NieR Automata PC version. The base PC version’s movie cutscenes seem to be choppy, which can break immersion and turn off fans from enjoying the game. More than its action, NieR Automata is also a story-based game as the characters are continuously pit into conflict and morally questionable actions of their duties.

Breedloved extracted and repacked the movie cutscenes to a lower resolution, which is glaringly evident in higher resolution settings like 4K. This fix promises to provide a stable frame-rate while trading off its graphics quality. NieR Automata’s story cutscenes may have more impact when it plays out smoothly rather than ruining the mood with frame drops and stutters.

PC Hardware Optimization Issues

As seen on schitsofrenic’s thread, fans are pooling some information about their PC hardware specs and how NieR Automata fares on them. Some players are reporting issues even though their hardware is good enough. We’ll have to wait for Square Enix and Platinum Games if they’re aiming to release a patch for the PC version’s issues.

NieR Automata so far

Square Enix has released NieR Automata on all of its regions and platforms after the PC version launched last March 17. However, the PC version has optimization issues that cause the game to have issues like frame drops, resolution problems, and even game crashes. The official English and Japanese NieR Automata Twitter accounts have yet to announce an update to fix this version’s problems. Stay updated with more NieR Autaomata news here on TheBitBag.

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