Nier Automata Nude Mod Exposes 2B’s Assets

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Nier Automata Nude Mod
Source: NieR: Automata – “Glory to Mankind 119450310” Trailer | PS4

Recently, modders have released a NieR Automata nude mod for 2B. This nude mod doesn’t fully remove 2B’s clothes, but it strips parts of her clothing enough to show her breasts and butt in its full glory. Currently, this mod is free to download, but game issues may happen during use.

NieR Automata Nude Mod

As seen on Art-Of-The-Body’s DeviantArt page, the NieR Automata nude mod can be downloaded and be used on the PC version. This mod will feature a more revealing outfit for 2B when she self destructs. As it is a nude mod, players will see 2B’s breasts and genitalia without anything getting in the way. This mod is accessible through the Resorep program and the download button for the mod on the right side of the DeviantArt page.


This NieR Automata nude mod may not mesh well with the game’s native features. The nude 2B may look metallic at times. Art-Of-The-Body also notes that there are skin tone differences as the mod doesn’t jive well with the lighting system. Lastly, playing this mod may trigger some game issues that doesn’t happen with regular play.

PC Only

Due to being a mod, this alternate 2B appearance is only accessible to the NieR Automata PC Version. Currently, NieR Automata has no mod support on its PS4 version. Players will have to wait for its DLC releases for a possible lewder outfit for 2B. Nier Automata Director Yoko Taro credits the good female character design in his games with due to his plain interest in women. Potentially, we may get a aesthetically pleasing get-up for its characters while not changing its audience rating at all.

Previous Butt Controversy

Previously, Taro himself have agreed to redistribute lewd fanarts of his characters. The NieR Automata fans have celebrated 2B’s good design and figure throughout the internet. This nude mod goes way beyond than the butt controversy, but Taro has already showed comfort with his fans doing this. Potentially, this NieR Automata nude mod may not cause any trouble or controversy anytime soon.

NieR Automata PC so far

Currently, NieR Automata has now been released on PC. Players can buy the game either from Steam or the Square Enix store. However, some regions are blocked off the NieR Automata Steam store page, which frustrates some fans. So far, Taro has confirmed some DLCs prepared, but doesn’t promise to have large expansions similar to The Witcher series. For now, we’ll have to wait for Square Enix official announcements about the DLCs soon. Stay update with more NieR Automata news here on TheBitBag.

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