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NieR Automata Has A Fully Nude Male Character, Some Have ‘Partially Exposed Buttocks’

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NieR: Automata might not be out yet, but it looks like it is already outdoing its predecessor. The 2017 action RPG features improved combat, clearer visuals and a story that looks interesting. Fans will also remember how raunchy Nier was, and the sequel will continue that trend with fully naked characters, with some showing off their buttocks.

NieRly Naked

According to the ESRB, the sequel will have a completely nude man, along with characters that show some of their buttocks. There are also characters that will be wearing revealing clothing, but that’s par for the course in JRPGs. What’s interesting about the naked man in NieR: Automata is that he has no genitalia.

Since Square Enix doesn’t want an Adults Only rating, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t show that. It should be interesting to see how the game explains that though, since genitalia-less characters doesn’t make much sense. Then again, the first game did have a confusing world and that could continue in the sequel.

Considering that the first game was filled with characters that wore fetish clothes, the sequel seems to be doing a good job. Players can expect even more weird-looking characters in this game, but with much better visuals this time.

NieR Automata Demo

While fans wonder about the weird fetish characters they can run into, they can also briefly experience the said world. A demo for NieR Automata should be coming out today on the PlayStation Network, so anyone with a PS4 can try out the game briefly.

The demo is already available in Japan, and players who have a Japanese account can play it hassle-free since it has an english and japanese option for both text and dialogue. Players that are curious about the game can try it out and can even consider pre-ordering it after.

NieR Automata will be coming out on February 23 in Japan, March 7 in North America and March 10 for Europe. The game will come out first on PS4 with a?PC?release coming in the future. Players interested in the game’s lore can pick up the first NieR?right now on the PS3.

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