Nier Automata Endings: How To Get All Major Outcomes [Spoilers]

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Nier Automata Endings
Source: NieR: Automata – Arsenal of Elegant Destruction Trailer | PS4 video

Like the first Nier game, players can also get multiple Nier Automata endings if they want to. However, players may have to sacrifice their save file to attain the “True” ending. Here’s a quick guide on getting all of the Nier Automata endings.

Multiple Endings Like The First

As seen on Xtra Naughty Gaming’s video, there are a total of five main endings in Nier Automata. The five endings are designated by alphabet letters A, B, C, D and E. Players will have to replay the game and exhaust each choice possibility to get each of the Nier Automata endings. Previously, the first Nier also encouraged players to replay the game to get a different progression in each playthrough. Eventually, players will have to try every choice until they find the ending that they can’t turn back from.

Endings A and B

In ending A and B, 2B defeats Eve and concludes that the mission is finally over. However, 9S is revealed to be infected with a virus that kills him and he’s not allowed to transfer his data back to Bunker for a respawn. 2B ends 9S’ life afterwards. However, the ending shows that there are still active machines that may need to be killed. However, it’s eventually revealed that 9S successfully salvaged his own data through the machines. These two endings could be triggered depending on who the player uses in the battle, either 2B or 9S.

Endings C and D

In this ending, 9S is seen angrily explaining the futility of the YoRHa unit’s mission to A2. However, A2 replies that 9S knew what was going on all along which further angers 9S. Lastly, the player is left to choose between siding with 9S to avenge 2B’s death or picking A2 to stop 9S. Ending C will happen if the players choose to play as A2 in this fight. Meanwhile, ending D will happen if the players choose to finish the fight as 9S.

True Ending E

Lastly, ending E is considered to be the “true” ending out of all the Nier Automata endings. Though the game takes an extreme genre switch in this path, it is considered the ultimate ending due to its conclusive outcome. Players will have to wager their whole progress and save file to access ending E. The first Nier also asks the player to use their save file in order to attain its true ending.

More Minor and Easter Egg Endings

According to Xtra Naughty Gaming’s explanation in his video, there are still 19 minor Nier Automata endings. These can be triggered by dying in certain points of the game rather than finishing a playthrough. Xtra Naughty Gaming also considers that Nier Automata may have secret easter egg endings too. Players can still try to uncover these secret endings regardless if they already got the ending E or not. Stay updated with more Nier Automata news here on TheBitBag.

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