NieR Automata Ending E Orignally Involved Politics [Spoilers]

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NieR Automata Ending E
Source: NieR: Automata – “Death is Your Beginning” Launch Trailer | PS4 video

Director Yoko Taro revealed in an interview that the NieR Automata Ending E originally intended to have a political message. However, Taro and the development team scrapped the idea in favor of a more general sequence that left details on the player’s interpretation. [Major spoilers below]

Taro’s Original Plan

Recently, Taro revealed in a Siliconera interview that they originally intended for NieR Automata to have a political message. Messages from conflicting countries in real life would converse through the last messages during the NieR Automata ending E playthrough.

Potentially, the original vision for Ending E intended to push a lesson about unity as per the events that happened during its main story.However, this idea was cancelled as Taro felt that they shouldn’t force this message on the players.

NieR Automata Story

Androids like the main characters 2B and 9S are briefed that the Machines are their enemies and must be destroyed in the story’s beginning. However, players will slowly realize that their mission is morally ambiguous and even unreasonable with the characters they meet. Characters like Pascal and his town show some hope that Androids and Machines can coexist without the need to kill each other.

However, the latter events reset the budding robot civilizations’ progress back to square one, which heavily downplays the unity lesson between the human-like robots. NieR Automata clearly showed human nature as part of its central themes. Instead of fully delving in a lesson about unity, the story shifted in a direction where most of the characters died to unwarranted conflict.

Current Ending

The NieR Automata Ending E events just featured human cooperation, compassion, and charity through its save file deletion system at the end. Players would have to delete their save files to be able to help other players trying to finish the final fight in Ending E. Players are asked many times if they’re sure on sacrificing their save file as the game will really delete it for them. NieR fans are already used to this system as the first game did the same when they reached the last ending.

Save Deletion Idea

Taro explained in the Siliconera interview that his save deletion idea came from his experience in Enix’s Dragon Quest during his younger years. He was devastated when his save file disappeared, but his parents wouldn’t understand what the problem was. Taro tried this idea on the first NieR on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which managed to have a cult following.

Potentially, Yoko Taro’s next game may have the political messages and the save file deletion system if it still works out for him. Taro’s games are desolate and barely have people to engage in political drama with. NieR Automata had the Androids and Machines, but they ultimately succumb to their mechanical weaknesses. For now, we’ll have to wait until Taro’s next project to know if he’ll get the message across without the limits of his story settings. Stay updated with more NieR Automata news here on The BitBag.

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