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NieR Automata DLC Includes Boss Fight With Square Enix Boss And New Sexy Costumes

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NieR Automata DLC Boss
Square Enix Boss in NieR Automata

Developers of NieR Automata and publisher Square Enix held a livestream today to commemorate the success of their action RPG. Shown in the livestream were upcoming NieR Automata DLC which are scheduled for a May 2 launch. Shown DLC include costumes for all three protagonists as well as a coliseum boss fight against the Square Enix boss.

The DLC will be sold for 1,500 yen in Japan. The highlight among the new costumes is undoubtedly 2B’s Kaine outfit, which will surely breathe a slew of new sexy fan art.

A new coliseum area will also be released soon and it can be found by traversing to an elevator in the Flooded City. This area was previously guarded by an Apologetic Machine. A resistance member will now guard the elevator and going inside will lead to a battle arena.

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda and Platinum Games CEO Kenichi Sato are one of the foes in the arena. These level 85 bosses can dish out damaging attacks and combos. Both Matsuda and Sato can even hover in the air and rain hundreds of bullets that are shaped in the image of their faces.

Before the Livestream

Previously, NieR Automata Director Yoko Taro said at PAX East 2017 that the development team lacks manpower and funding to create meaningful DLCs like The Witcher 3. After both the PS4 and PC versions became available worldwide, the action-RPG managed to sell 1 million units on combined physical shipments and digital sales. Despite the game’s success, it looks like the developers weren’t given enough budget to make a story expansion.

Prior to the DLC release, the Apologetic Machines can be found in the Flooded City, Desert Zone, and Forest Kingdom. The machines has piqued the curiosity of fans because it stands guard in front of an inaccessible elevator. In a bid to make the player “forget” the area and make up for the inconvenience it has caused, the Apologetic Machine in the Flooded City voluntarily self-destructs to shower the player with useful materials. “There is absolutely NOTHING of value here! So don’t let it distract you and run along now!” says the machine.

Players on PC have used codes to get inside the inaccessible elevator and control it. An empty black hole greeted those who opened the elevator after doing this trick. The upcoming NieR Automata DLC will finally allow players to enter this previously inaccessible area.

New costumes for 2B, 9S, and A2.

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