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NieR Automata Demo Download Link: Play The Game Now On PS4 With English Text And Voice

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NieR Automata Demo

Recently, the NieR Automata demo is now available on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Despite being a Japanese copy, the NieR Automata demo actually has a setting to have the text and voices in English. Here?s what we know so far about the NieR Automata demo.

Japanese Demo

According to the Japanese PlayStation Store listing, the NieR Automata demo is free for the Japanese PlayStation Network users. If you want to play this demo early, you may want to register a Japanese PlayStation account. The Japanese demo also has English text and voice settings so it?s alright to take it now.

English Demo?

According to the official NieR Automata Twitter account, the demo is going to be released this coming Thursday. Technically, Japan is in a Timezone ahead of America so it makes sense that they receive it earlier than expected. It?s possible that the English PlayStation stores may receive this demo tomorrow. ?Players may want to check later if Square Enix will do a midnight release of the NieR Automata demo.

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NieR Automata in a nutshell

NieR Automata is part of Cavia?s Drakengard universe and NieR series, which is published by Square Enix. The game?s series is often noted to be bizarre due to its visuals and characters. Despite its unappealing starts, the Drakengard series often holds the great stories at the latter half of the game. Its Director Yoko Taro has been credited to be author of these bizarre series and even has equally bizarre public appearances. Director Taro usually avoids to show his face in his appearances and often uses a particular mascot head that looks like a full moon with an unsettling grin.

NieR Automata will be released this coming February 2017 for Japan and March 2017 in all other regions. Since the game has enigmatic visuals, players will have to wait for the full game to understand the NieR Automata events. The NieR Automata demo may focus on introducing the players to the game?s control schemes and a brief dive into its visuals and story.

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