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NieR Automata Concert Reveals 2B And 9S’ Relationship Before The Main Game [Spoilers]

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NieR Automata
Source: NieR: Automata – “Death is Your Beginning” Launch Trailer | PS4 video

Recently, a NieR Automata concert was held in Japan and to the surprise of fans, scenes that canonically explain 2B and 9S’ relationship before the main game started were shown. Previously, Director Yoko Taro has done a similar move to reveal important NieR story information through mediums outside the main games.

NieR Automata Concert Information

wesStyle’s thread on the NieR Automata subreddit featured a translation of a post containing key information about the concert. The NieR Automata concert featured some backstory of 2B and 9S before the events of the main game started. Overall, the plot of this concert reveals the reasons of the initial behavior of the NieR Automata protagonists

2B and 9S’ Relationship

Overall, this play solidifies 2B’s genuine care for 9S. As shown in the translation, 2B is  psychologically crushed each time she has to kill 9S. Meanwhile, 9S considers 2B special even though he knows she’s designed to kill him eventually. 9S’ special feeling toward 2B isn’t confirmed to be anything directly romantic as of this play, but they do cherish each other a lot.

Early Loop of 2B and 9S Adventures

The NieR Automata concert featured some scenes which can be considered spoilers as it touches on a later reveal of the main game’s events. The concert features more interaction from 2B, 9S, and Pod 153 during the “loop” of 2B killing 9S in the end.

In one of the encounters, 9S commits suicide using the logic virus after knowing the truth behind 2B. As expected, 2B awoke to her duty as a “2E unit” to kill 9S every time he uncovers the truth. The exchange features 9S requesting 2B to kill him properly next time while 2B asks for 9S’ forgiveness.

Murder Loop

In the game, players will discover that 2B and 9S are trapped in a loop that ends with 2B killing 9S because of her mission. “2B” is actually a “2E” unit that specializes in killing YoRHa units that knows the truth behind the organization’s activities. 2B isn’t fond of killing 9S as she considers him a special person.

Yoko Taro’s Reveals

Previously, Taro also revealed some NieR story information through the “YoRHa stage play”. The stage play is confirmed to be a NieR Automata prequel and features earlier YoRHa units before 2B and 9S. Effectively, this play counts as canon content like Dishonored’s supplementary novels and Deus Ex’s comics.

However, Taro’s chosen medium make it hard for overseas fans to enjoy these content. The plays are only shown in Japan and will most likely be lost unless the script or footages surface online. Taro’s approach to non-DLC story content is definitely unique but difficult to preserve and share. Stay updated with more NieR Automata news here on The BitBag.

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