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NieR Automata Concert Continues Ending E Story, Fate Of 2B And 9S Revealed [Spoilers]

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NieR Automata Concert
Source: NieR: Automata – “Death is Your Beginning” Launch Trailer | PS4 video

A fan has translated the scripts of all five NieR Automata live action concerts concluded this May. These plays are considered canon and actually continue the story beyond Ending E. Here’s what we know about the NieR Automata live action concerts.

Fifth Concert

As seen on Jenana’s translated scripts, the NieR Automata live action concert scripts now have an unofficial English fan translation. The live action concerts covers short backstories and 2B’s quest after Ending E. The concert that contains 2B’s quest is in the “Farewell” script.

Picking Up After Ending E

After the large data tower collapses, 2B wakes up two months after Ending E. During the events of Ending E, 2B supposedly dies as she succumbs to her wounds while suffering malfunctions with the logic virus. 2B is practically safe but 9S is in a comatose state.

9S was put in vegetative state as his body couldn’t access his old memory files after the virus messed it up. The virus died along with the tower’s fall but he still can’t access his memory files. 2B gets word that there’s a storage base somewhere that holds 9S’ backup memories. She sets off to find that storage bank tirelessly and collapses upon finding it . However, 2B decides to stay in the memory bank with 9S’ memories to speak to her.

Happy Ending

The fifth play ends with 9S waking up to a tearful 2B at his side. The play ends with 2B, 9S, Pod 153, and Pod 042 looking forward to face life’s challenges. The Nier Automata play ends with hope for the future but it’ll take some time to make another civilization due to the world’s post-apocalyptic state.

Game’s Ending E

NieR Automata’s Ending E required players to delete their save file to carry on to its true ending. Upon deleting their save file, the Pod 153 and 043 will try to save the data out of selfish reasons to revive 2B and 9S. At the end of it, the remaining Pods manage to find an inactive 2B and 9S unit on top a building. It’s implied that the Pods will try to reactivate these two characters as they have pieces of the destroyed 2B and 9S units still intact.

However, the play extends that story into a quest where 2B wakes up first and tries to save 9S from a comatose state again. NieR Automata’s story often uses multiple incarnations of the same character using the same name, which makes the story feel complicated. At best, the happy ending in the plays implies that one pair of 2B and 9S unit manages to escape the repeating cycle and live their lives as their own.

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