Nicole Kidman Backs Out Of The Lake? Actress Won’t Be Part Of The Series, Here’s Why

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If latest buzz is to be believed, Nicole Kidman will not be a part of The Lake Season 2.

According to Vanity Fair, when the news of Nicole being a part of the show, her publicist has responded saying ?it?s not true?.? Vanity Fair reports, ?Since this post originally went up, Kidman?s publicist has reached out to say the news ?is not true? which leaves us to wonder what will Kidman?s collaboration with Jane Campion be? Perhaps the upcoming film adaptation of The Flamethrowers??

But according to a report by Slash Film, Kidman declined to give details about her role, but revealed it was a role specifically written for her by Campion. She added that she likes playing ?odd people, who live odd lives,? so?consider that a tiny clue if you?d like.

IndiWire reports, Jane Campion?s Top Of The Lake was a success and the show did well enough both at home and abroad that Campion?s been working on a second series, and it now emerges that some serious A-list talent will be coming along.

Talking about the same, Kidman said, ?As you get older, don?t get safer. Get crazier. That?s my mantra,? she says. ?I like people who are a bit odd and have strange new philosophies and ideas.? I?m not in the situation of being 25 and worrying about getting this role in this film or that film. That pressure is off. I wouldn?t want to go through that again. I look at the people going through it now, in the public gaze, and it?s just ridiculous. It?s all too frenzied. They can?t do or say anything without it being on Twitter or Instagram. I can choose the projects I want to work on ? and it doesn?t have to be the lead. I?m not in that echelon any more?, reports Collider.

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