Nick Jonas Slammed For LGBT Support? ‘Close’ Singer Accused of ‘Gaybaiting’ Amid Orlando Shooting Tragedy

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The intentions of Nick Jonas for supporting the LGBT community are being questioned.

Nick Jonas has always been vocal about his support for the LGBT community. However, because of his actions related to the shooting massacre at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse last Sunday, which left 50 dead and several others injured, the ?Close? singer has been accused by members of the community of ?gaybaiting? amid a tragic time. ???

The former Disney star has been dubbed as a heartthrob by many LGBTs, specifically for taking on a gay role in the drama series ?Kingdom.? Nick Jonas has also previously shared that he has a lot of close friends who are gay because he worked in theater since he was young.

Since he admitted that he specifically wanted a large part of his identity to be known for supporting the gay community, Nick Jonas volunteered to be a part of the recent vigil for Orlando shooting victims. Even though many other celebrities mourned over the shocking tragedy, the Jonas brother stood out for speaking ?in honor of the victims? during the event, which was held at the iconic Stonewall Inn in New York City.

“I went to my team and said, ‘I’m in the city. I know the vigil is happening. Is there anything I can do? I’d love to be a part of it in some way,'” Nick Jonas narrated. “[The governor] asked me to come and speak, so I got up, and without preparing any words, I just spoke from the heart.?

However, Complex reported that many gay individuals questioned Nick Jonas? intentions for speaking at the vigil.

?How dare someone who is not one of us speak at a HISTORIC site for LGBT rights and speak about this tragedy that has taken the lives of nearly 50 of our own,? said popular Twitter user Shon Yves. The artist and photographer pointed out that the same homophobia that motivated Orlando shooting gunman Omar Mateen is also what fuels Nick Jonas? popularity, fame and fortune among his gay fans. ?

Other members of the LGBT community echoed the same sentiments.

?Can Nick Jonas let the LGBT community collectively breathe for ONE sec before he appears shirtless at gay clubs trying to sell albums again,? a certain @fortunafiasco tweeted.

?It’s so obvious Nick Jonas is trying so hard to hint to being bisexual to get some more gay fans,? another individual posted.


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