Nick Jonas Opens Up About His Fetishes and Other Bedroom Antics

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After admitting that he had an embarrassing first meeting with Emilia Clarke and the awkward NARB (No Apparent Reason Boner) moment at the Young Hollywood Awards, Nick Jonas makes another batch of juicy revelations.

This time around, the recording artist behind the album Last Year Was Complicated talks about his fetishes and other bedroom secrets. In his interview with Andy Cohen, the 23-year-old singer is candid, straightforward, and funny.

Andy?s first question to Nick is ?Have you ever been into or would you be into watching porn in the bedroom with someone??

Nick answers, ?No. Not into it.?

Andy then asks him, ?Have you ever been into or would you be into furries?? For the uninformed folks out there, Andy is referring to furry fandom or that fetish that involves people engaging in sexual acts while wearing animal suits or costumes.

The Close singer doesn?t say anything. Andy Cohen takes it as a maybe.

Andy goes on to his next question: ?Have you ever been into or would you be into getting spanked??

Without missing a beat, Nick answers, ?Yeah, absolutely. I?ve got a firm ass. Hahaha!?

Andy jokingly replies, ?I know you do.?

The next set of questions gets a little bit more interesting. Andy asks, ?Have you ever been into or would you be into getting tied to a bed post??

Scratching the side of his head, Nick answers, ?Not into it. It happened one time. It did happen one time. And it didn?t end well. I didn?t know what to do. It was bad.?

Andy asks in jest, ?You and Miley [Cyrus]?? For those of you who don?t know, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were a couple, once upon a time. In fact, some reports say that Miley was Nick?s first kiss.

Nick doesn?t say anything. He just laughs it off.

Without waiting for an answer, Andy proceeds to the next question: ?Do you have foot fetish of any kind??

Nick says, ?No I never understood that.?

How about ?Voyeurism?? Nick gives a soft ?Maybe.?

What about pulling hair or getting your hair pulled? Nick replies, ?It?s hard to do [because I have short hair]. If you can figure it out though you deserve it.?

Andy then asks him, ?What about public places??

With a smile, Nick answers, ?Uh, no. It doesn?t really bode well for me.?

Watch Andy Cohen?s funny interview with Nick Jonas below:

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