Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Endure An Awkward Moment On The Late Show

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Nick Jonas has been having an up and then down kind of week lately.

While his latest album — one that Jay-Z took a part in naming — is poised to be his most successful on the Billboard 200 charts, he has also been slammed for ?gaybaiting? gay fans and using the Orlando shooting tragedy as a platform to sell his music. And now, the former Jonas brother endures another awkward TV moment not unlike his ?NARB? at the Young Hollywood Awards.

MTV recently came out with an article entitled ?Try To Watch This Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Interview Without Cringing?, and the site goes on to dissect a clip from Lovato and Jonas? recent guesting The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

In the video, Colbert asks the pair about their long careers in showbusiness despite their young ages, and then remarks that it?s amazing that neither one of them has had a breakdown. Lovato, who has been in rehab for her eating disorder, had to correct Colbert. MTV then notes that ?to try and assuage any awkwardness, Colbert and Lovato joked with Jonas about when he was going to ?catch up? with her and go to rehab, too. ?Hopefully not anytime soon,? the JoBro said, laughing nervously.?

What should assuage any awkwardness Nick Jonas felt during that interview would be the fact that Billboard has named his latest work, ?Last Year Was Complicated?, as possibly his ?highest-charting? album yet. According the the outlet, the album could possibly debut on the number two spot on the Billboard chart coming out on July 2. If it happens, it would have outperformed his self-titled 2014 album, which topped at number 6, as well as his 2010 album, ?Who I Am?, which peaked at number 3.

According to Billboard, the latest Nick Jonas album ?may earn over 60,000 equivalent album units in the week ending June 16, with over 40,000 of that sum in traditional album sales.? Nick, of course, has previously enjoyed being at the top of the Billboard charts when he was still part of the Jonas Brothers, who had two albums reach number 1.

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