Nice Move, EA: The Sims 2: Ultimate Edition Giveaway Comes with SecuROM

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Ever wondered what it was like if you lived your life a little different, or did your decisions differently from how they were done? Well, the Sims gave you a chance to do this. In the Sims series, you get to choose one of many Sims, or you can create them yourself. This gives you a chance to see how your Sims will react to the many idiosyncrasies of life in this virtual world. Will your Sims become successful, or will they meet with an untimely demise? There are actually a lot of possibilities available for your Sims in this game.

You have your own decisions as to the life your Sims will live. You can go after another Sim and get married, or live a single life. You also have the power to decide whether you?re going to work or not, but of course, you have to find some way to earn money in order to buy a nice home. That?s just the tip of the iceberg in a game like the Sims, though. There are a lot of things you can do, so many possibilities, and the only thing you can do is hope you do a good enough job of leading your Sim through his or her life.

Last week, though, EA decided to give loyal Sims gamers a treat, which is rather uncharacteristic. They told everyone they had free copies of The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection up for grabs. The only thing they needed to do was to go get a copy of Origin, install it, and use a code which came with it which read ?I-LOVE-THE-SIMS?. Once that was done, you get your free copy of the Sims collection. There?s only a day left for those who want to get the game.

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However, in true EA fashion, and in a move which can only be equated to trolling, this copy that EA is distributing has a catch; it also comes with the controversial rights management program, the much-vilified SecuROM. It is not a secret that a lot of gamers do not like this DRM and there?s a reason behind all of it.

SecuROM has been around for years, and it works as an aid to combat piracy and stop the duplication and reverse engineering of a game. While this is a good thing for developers, for gamers, it has caused quite a lot of headache too; legitimate game discs not recognized, the game not working in Windows if you?ve got some features enabled, conflicting with other software, SecuROM acting like a virus in your registry if you?ve deleted the game; many gamers are familiar with these kind of problems SecuROM has been causing, and they are probably fed up with it.

There are many games that use this solution, though. Games like BioShock, Spore, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, and Dragon Age II all use SecuROM for their discs. Spore, in fact, managed to crash the top 10 list of most pirated games simply because gamers wanted to avoid having to deal with SecuROM, which was on the legal version.

While EA games are being very generous with The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection, having to deal with SecuROM might not make it all worth it. However, if you still insist despite this, there are solutions available on the web on how to deal with SecuROM or remove it entirely, if you choose to.

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