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Pokemon GO 12 Days Of Christmas Treat Rumors? Santa Pikachu Launched, What Else Might Be Offered?

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Pokemon GO Holiday Event

Christmas is here once again and with that, the season to be jolly has to be celebrated with a bang. And what better way of doing so than having your Pokemon wear a Santa hat. Just like last month, Niantic released an update for the upcoming holiday season. Pokemon GO players can expect treats from the game via spawns and other surprises.

Since Christmas is the time of giving, Pokemon GO players are asking for a traditional 12 days of Christmas.

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The previous Halloween Pokemon GO event was a huge success for Niantic. On release, data miners began digging into the metas and found out some great information. It would seem that the most recent update included provisions for ?festivals? or ?festival type? spawns. This could mean that, since the upgrade, Niantic only need to update the server side software in order to inject special Pokemon types. This is perhaps one of the reasons why some players already caught a Santa-hat-wearing Pikachu.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Santa Raichu

According to various sources, the special Pokemon can be seen on the Nearby Tab wearing a Santa hat. This festive Pokemon will be available from now until the 29th of Dec, so players better watch out.

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If you think catching a Santa Pikachu is interesting enough, wait until you evolve your special Pokemon. Giving a Santa Pikachu enough candy will evolve it to a Santa Raichu. So far, only the special editions of Pikachu and Raichu have been discovered. For sure, more Pokemon donning a Santa hat will appear as the days go by.

In addition to special edition Pokemon spawns, there are also rumors of other bonuses. Players may expect extra XP or items per five PokeStops visited as well as half prices on lures and incense. There may also be some increase in spawns for other Pokemon types based on the days leading to Christmas. For instance, the first day may see an increase in Pidgey spawns while the second day doles out more Squirtles.

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