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Niantic Labs To Abolish Soft Ban To Permanently Ban Pokemon GO Cheaters

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Pokemon GO

Beware! Using any kind of cheat or hack in Pokemon GO could result in lifetime ban.

Game developer, Niantic Labs is imposing a permanent ban on players who violate the rules set by the company. Players around the world are using various techniques to complete their Pokedex. But, with the new rule it will be much harder for the lazy Pokemon GO players while the news is good for those who honestly play the game.

Niantic has taken this step to maintain the fair play. Developers have asked for co-operation for the betterment of Pokemon GO. The developers also said that they will continue their efforts towards to improvement of the quality of much hyped game.

In a FAQ section, Niantic wrote, ?Our goal is to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for everyone. We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system.?

Pokemon GO

The ban will be applicable on the players who rely on GPS spoofing, bots and other techniques to play and catch Pokemon. GPS spoofing let the players catch Pokemon without actually moving or making efforts to catch them. This involves various kind of tricks such as using battery saver to decrease the accuracy of GPS, using HackRF device and so on. Bots are softwares designed to automatically catch Pokemon on the behalf of a player.

It, not for the first time that the developers have stepped forward to stop the cheats. Recently, players have reported that the developers have banned their accounts for violating the rules. At that time the ban was for limited time. However, now the developers have advanced further and the ban will be imposed for ever.

However there are still some cheats that are not easy to track for example the Pokeball thrower. This technique is quite simple and can help players to catch strong Pokemon more effectively. It does not involve any technical change like GPS spoofing.

Pokemon GO Cheats

Meanwhile, for those who are facing the ban and haven?t used any cheat can appeal against it. For those who are facing similar problem can appeal though the form on Pokemon Support page or click here.

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