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NHL 18 Release Date Reveal After EA Play 2017

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nhl 18 release date
NHL 18 will be fully revealed after EA Play. [Image from EA]

Fans were disappointed when EA didn’t announce the NHL 18 release date, despite showing off a nifty teaser trailer. While it looked impressive, fans were hoping to see when it would come out, so they could get more excited. Running at only 34 seconds, it’s hard to gauge how good the game will be when it comes out.

Most fans would assume that the game’s release date would be revealed in EA Play, but that isn’t the case. The release date will be revealed sometime after EA Play, most likely in the NHL Awards on June 21. A full gameplay reveal will be happening during the NHL Awards, so a release date wouldn’t be far off.

Let’s Play Hockey

It’s a bit odd how the NHL 18 release date won’t be announced at EA Play, considering other EA games will make an appearance. NBA Live 18 and FIFA 18 will be in the event, but no NHL 18. Admittedly, it makes sense to reveal the gameplay trailer during the NHL Awards, but it would have been nice to have all sports games in one show.

Hockey fans won’t mind this, as long as the final product is a good game when it comes out. With only the teaser trailer to judge it by, it’s hard to tell if this will be a groundbreaking installment in the series. Still, there aren’t too many Hockey games out right now, so this should please fans of the fun sport.

An EAsy Move

Revealing gameplay and the possible NHL 18 release date during the sport’s award show is a really smart move. It will get more attention from the fans of the sport and other mainstream sites, so the move makes sense. EA is probably pleased with the deal, even though gamers would have preferred the date in the EA Play event.

EA’s NHL games have been well received, with NHL 17 getting plenty of positive reviews from critics. Despite the lack of real gameplay footage – the teaser doesn’t count – fans are still excited for this year’s installment. If the latest installment is just as good as NHL 17, gamers will be pleased with the title.

NHL 18 is coming out this year, but doesn’t have a release date as of this writing. Expect releases for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. NHL 17 is available now for fans that want a hockey fix on their gaming system.

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