NHL 17: New Gameplay Improvements Detailed By EA Sports

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NHL 17

Electronic Arts is all set to bring NHL 17 with new and improved gameplay features. A few days back, the company revealed a new gameplay trailer showcasing some of the new game modes coming this year. EA has already started accepting registrations for the game?s beta which is scheduled to start on July 28. In its recent announcements at E3 2016 and on its official blog, the company has shared many new details about the upcoming game. According to the developer the new gameplay improvements include a new battle mechanic, goalie system, A.I.?s facing direction, skating and more.

With NHL 17, the developer EA Canada is pushing the gameplay to new heights. In the previous NHL games, inconsistency in checking has been an issue for players. This time, EA has improved the system suggesting that opponents won?t be dropped by stationary players. Instead, the puck carrier will be pushed depending on the size and strength of the checker. According to GameInformer, EA has improved the system, so players won?t be seeing knocked down players every time players try to lend a successful check.

Another improvement detailed by the developer suggests some changes in the game?s A.I. The facing direction has been improved. Additionally, the company has also improved off-puck assignments and breakout recognition. EA has also enhanced the goalie movement system. With the new motion system, the technical movement has been replaced and now the gameplay has become closer to reality. Now the goalies can adopt new movements to defend and they can even use their full body to block the opponent, EA Sports stated on its official website.

NHL 17 fans have been asking for several new features in the upcoming games. One of the much awaited features added by EA Sports is the new difficulties. Now. players can choose the Semi-Pro setting which is a new addition that differentiates the gameplay between amateur and pro settings.

NHL 17 will be released on September 13 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Just like Madden 17, EA Sports is not bringing the game to PC.

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