NHL 15 Official Teaser Trailer Released

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NHL 15
NHL 15

EA Studios timed the release of the official teaser trailer of their upcoming game NHL 15, to the second part of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This couldn?t be more apt as it will let the fans have a glimpse of what they can expect with the next NHL game, while they?re hyped with the real-life tourney.

EA Sports have made sure that fans get to see that the next iteration in the series, showcases the much improved visuals that people can experience on their next-gen consoles, with NHL 15, and it?s safe to say that, indeed, the game is looking spectacular.

While looking at the short teaser trailer, you can tell that a lot of work was done with NHL 15, and there?s certainly more to come. Even the smallest of details are taken care of, like equipment, the ice skates and the overall look of the game. Detail-oriented gamers are sure to notice these huge improvements right away.

Just by watching the teaser, obviously, states that the game will look great, but that?s just about it. Not much information has been given out in the trailer. The good thing is, EA decided to give us more detail about the game on its official website, and by looking at, you can tell that the game will be far more superior than those of its predecessors.

One of the major things to be implemented here is the ?12 Player Collision Physics?, which practically allows piling up of players on the ice. It will also have its real-life effects/damage to players. Players will also get more likeness with their real-life counterparts.

There are also dozens of other major updates to the game which is worth checking out, regardless if you are a fan of the real-world game or just a follower of the series on consoles. Check NHL 15?s official website here.

Image Source: NHL 15 WebsiteNHL 15 Official Teaser Trailer Released

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